In any film or TV series, the Main Title ( the Title Sequence )  is intended to interest the viewer and convey the mood of the film. In the best examples of initial titles, you can find elements of characters and images of heroes, elements of the visual style of the picture, elements, and images pointing to the genre that reveals the story and idea.


Founded in 2002 2Flame works with leading brands in Ukraine and Worldwide to provide omnichannel branding, design and creative services. Our approach is grounded in a creative strategy foundation, and our comprehensive production capabilities enable us to deliver identity systems as well as the full brand campaign, copywriting, design, video, and photography across all screens.

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Gogolivska Str., 48, office12, Kyiv, Ukraine


Гоголівська вул., 48, офіс 12 

Київ, Україна


ул.Гоголевская., 48, офис 12, 

Киев, Украина


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